• Simple zero adjust with lock
  • Shaded field of view for distinction
  • High precision, clear scale
  • Easy-clean prism
  • Unique sample 'dribble' feature
  • Light weight
  • Anti-roll supports
  • Push-on prism flap
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Product Description
Since its launch in 1999, the Eclipse hand-held refractometers have become recognized as one of the World's most reliable and robust optical refractometers on the market today.  Manufactured in the UK using the latest techniques, Eclipse hand-held refractometers feature a bright field of view with large highly visible graticule line and clear digits.  The hand-held refractometers have a unique sample "dribble feed" which prevents bubbles and splashes when applying a sample to the prism.  Push-on replacement illuminator flaps were designed for the hand-held refractometers to eliminate the need of large forces to replace them.  The case is sealed to protect the hand-held refractometer against moisture ingress.  The hand-held refractometers come with a large barrel encased in a thick rubber shield for easy handling in cold weather and provide insulation against temperature during use.  An adjustable eyepiece for easy focusing is also standard on all Eclipse hand-held refractometers.  A zero offset screw provides calibration against a known standard or acts as a method of manual temperature compensation (MTC) negating the effects of temperature prior to taking your reading with the hand-held refractometer.  A locking ring on the hand-held refractometers prevents accidental adjustment.  Each hand-held refractometer has a unique serial number to allow for certificate traceability. A selection of scale types covering a wide range of common applications is available from within the Eclipse hand-held refractometer range as well as the unique Low Volume Brix Models that are favored by zoologists and entomologists for having the capability of measuring samples of less than 1-microlitre such as nectar. Quality at an affordable price
By combining the best available modern manufacturing methods and materials and a good understanding of customer requirements, a quality hand-held refractometer at a very competitive price has been achieved.  The Eclipse hand-held refractometers are both practical and aesthetically pleasing in design.  Eclipse hand-held refractometers are supplied with a soft protective carrying case and instructions for use.
Part Number: Type: Range: Division:
45-01 Sugar % (Brix) 0 to 15 0.1
45-02 Sugar % (Brix) 0 to 30 0.2
45-07 Sugar % (Brix) 0 to 32 0.2
45-03 Sugar % (Brix) 0 to 50 0.5
45-08 Sugar % (Brix) 28 to 65 0.2
45-05 Sugar % (Brix) 45 to 80 0.2
45-06 Sugar % (Brix) 72 to 95 0.2
45-27 Water-in-Honey (%) 10 to 30 0.2
45-22 Wine - °Zeiss (ABV) 10 to 135 1
45-26 Starch (%) 0 to 30 0.2
45-41 Refractive Index 1.330 to 1.420 0.001
45-44 Antifreeze - °C protection
     - Battery acid SG
0 to -40
1.1 to 1.35
45-45 Antifreeze - °F protection
     - Battery acid SG
30 to -40
1.1 to 1.35
45-46 Antifreeze - % Ethylene Glycol
     - % Propylene Glycol
0 to 60
0 to 60
45-65 Salinity (% NaCl) 0 to 28 0.2
45-81 Low Volume (Nectar <1-micro-liter) 0 to 50 Brix 0.5
45-82 Low Volume (Nectar <1-micro-liter) 45 to 80 Brix 0.2

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