• Meets virtually all level monitoring & control needs
  • Accepts most 4-20mA level transmitters
  • 6 configurable relay outputs
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The versatile LevCon-SP set point liquid level controllers provide up to 6 user configurable relay outputs.  Each relay has an ON and OFF level, making it perfect for many liquid level controller applications.  The LevCon-SP liquid level controllers may be used for on/off control of pumps, valves, chemical feed systems and alarms. Liquid Level Controller Inputs and Outputs
The liquid level controllers high resolution 4-20mA analog input channels provide for submersible pressure sensors, ultrasonic and radar transmitters, and other analog level sensing devices.  NOTE: A 4-20mA level sensor must be connected to the liquid level controller for it to work properly.  The LevCon-SP set point liquid level controller's 6 relay outputs are completely user configurable. Liquid Level Controller User Interface
The liquid level controllers feature an easy user interface with a keypad and a bright 2-line by 16 character LCD display for level, pump status monitoring, and operation set up.  The LevConâ„¢ liquid level controllers have a simulation mode that allows you to check all your control and alarm functions without having to manually cycle your pumps or wait for the levels to change.  The liquid level controllers have user selectable units that allow you to display the level in: inches, feet, centimeters, meters or no unit (blank).
Controller type: Microprocessor based level monitor/controller
Analog input: 4-20mA, scaleable span
Display: 16 character x 2-line LCD w/backlight
Keypad: 15 sealed membrane keys
Relay outputs: Up to 6 relay outputs, each rated 5A @ 250 VAC
Relay Functions:
     Six: user configurable for on/off functions
Clock: Real-time clock functions (date and time)
Power: 20.4-28.8 VDC
Enclosure: ¼ DIN, IP65 front
Mounting: DIN rail (35mm) or panel mount (1/4 DIN)
Dimensions: 3.78 inch (96mm)W x 3.78 inch (96mm) H x 2.52 inch (64mm) D
Certifications: UL/cUL Listed

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