• Rugged
  • Dual set point alarms
  • Dual warning lights
  • Ideal for monitoring wind conditions for cranes, water fountains, and other wind sensitive applications
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The dual set point Wind Alarm Controller provides both warning for and control of wind-sensitive equipment, cranes, water fountains, etc...  Can be used to alert you to high or low wind speeds and can be factory calibrated in MPH, km/h or Knots. To operate the wind alarm controller, set the thumb-wheel switches to your desired levels.  When wind speed achieves or exceeds the first wind speed alarm control setting for 3 seconds, a yellow warning light illuminates and one internal SPDT relay activates.  When the wind speed achieves or exceeds the second wind speed alarm control setting for 3 seconds, a red light illuminates, a 90dB piezo buzzer sounds, and the second internal SPDT relay is activated. The Wind Alarm Controller is housed in a 6.3"H x 4.72"W x 3.29"D weathertight polycarbonate case and utilizes a non micro-processor circuit to minimize occurrence of latch-up.  It is accurate to +/- 2 MPH and operates on 12 volts DC, with an AC adaptor available as an option.
Accuracy: + 2 MPH
LED Window: 2 digits, 1x1 inch window
Cup Type: 3 cup generator type
Cable: 22 AWG, 2-conductor, Non-PVC jacketed, 60ft included
NOTE: Sensor will operate on up to 500ft of 22 AWG wire.
Input Voltage: 12VDC, AC adaptor available as an option
Alarm Output: 2 SPDT Outputs, Yellow LED, 90dB Piezo Buzzer, Red LED
Dimensions: 6.3x4.72x3.29 inch (16x12x8.4 cm)
Weight: 4.3lbs (2kg)

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