• Lightweight and compact
  • Wide power range: 30W – 300W
  • Universal input: 85-264V AC/100-350V DC
  • Power factor correction (EN61000-3-2) for 60W to 240W
  • Meets SEMI F47 sag immunity (120W & 240W only)
  • Overcurrent & overvoltage protection
  • Spring-up screw terminal type, IP20
  • DIN rail or surface mount
  • Approvals: CE, TÃœV, c-UL, UL 508, UL 1310,UL 1604, EN 50178:1997
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Product Description
Whether you are replacing a failed, inefficient DC power supply or choosing a new universal supply to go with one of our great Global Water instruments, these reliable and efficient DC power supplies will fill the need.  The PS5R 30W, 60W, 90W, 120W, and 240W Slim Line DC power supplies are lightweight and compact.  The DC power supplies feature an adjustable output voltage and monitoring features such as a DC on indicator and DC low indicator.  The Slim Line switching DC power supplies are an excellent alternative to linear DC power supplies.  The DC power supplies are more compact in size and offer high performance with an efficiency rating of over 80%, output ripple of less than 1% peak-to-peak, and universal AC/DC inputs.  In contrast, linear DC power supplies usually have open cases due to low efficiency ratings of 40-50%, their inputs are not always universal, and they are typically twice the size and weight of standard switching DC power supplies. All of the 12V and 24V power supplies are UL 508 Listed which allow 100% full load operation.  There's no need to oversize and derate the DC power supply.  The spring-up screw terminals and easy installation together with this rating makes these DC power supplies a great value. We also offer a broad selection of standard PS5R DIN rail DC power supplies that range from 7.5W to 240W and PS3L metal frame DC power supplies ranging from 10W to 300W.  All DC power supplies are DIN rail or direct surface mountable, equipped with overload protection, universal inputs, and approved for industrial applications worldwide.
Standard DC Power Supplies
Model # Type Volts (DC) Watts Amps
PS5R-A12 Standard 12 7.5 0.6
PS5R-A24 Standard 24 7.5 0.3
PS5R-B12 Standard 12 15 1.2
PS5R-B24 Standard 24 15 0.6

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