• Connect up to 6 SDI-12 sensors for remote data collection
  • Rugged, weather resistant enclosure, IP65 rated
  • Battery powered for remote data acquisition
  • RS-232 Interface and GPRS data mode (Wireless Internet)
  • 2 Alarms per data logger channel
  • Four button keypad for data logger programming and data viewing
  • Optional rugged, lockable, weather resistant enclosure
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Product Description
The iRIS 350 SDI-12 data loggers have been designed and constructed for use in harsh outdoor and industrial environments.  The data loggers are housed in a special die-cast special corrosion resistant aluminum alloy case with a hard anodized finish.   A neoprene gasket provides the seal allowing the data loggers to have a IP65 rating.  The SDI-12 data loggers include an integral rechargeable 12V battery within the casing making it ideal for remote data collection or outdoor environmental data monitoring.  The SDI-12 data loggers can be easily attached to an existing structure using the four 3/16 inch (M4) blind mounting holes in rear of case and powered by solar panels connected directly to the data loggers.  For remote SDI-12 data collection the iRIS 350 SDI-12 data loggers provide an affordable, self-contained remote data logging solution without the need for separate weatherproof cabinets or boxes.  NOTE: The optional weather resistant data logger housing with external battery is required if analog sensors are connected to the data logger.  The heavy-duty SDI-12 data loggers also feature a password protected network login and multi-line LCD for onsite diagnostics, data browsing and configuration. The iRIS 350 SDI-12 data loggers support a maximum of six external sensors.  Sources for these sensors may be chosen from physical digital or analog inputs or virtual sources (via serial communication or calculations).  Each of the data logger's sensors has two associated alarms, each with separate trigger and reset levels.  Each alarm also has a duration, which is used to delay the alarm trigger for analog inputs and to determine the time over which pulse input counters should be totalized (rainfall etc).  Three additional sensors are reserved by the data loggers for internal measurements (battery voltage, supply voltage and temperature).  The data loggers record data from all enabled sensors in a four word (8 byte) compressed format which includes full date and time to fractions of a second. As well as the 4 analog inputs, 4 configurable digital I/O channels, the iRIS 350 SDI-12 data loggers also include an SDI-12 interface to allow the connection of at least 10 SDI-12 instruments. The iRIS 350 SDI-12 data loggers can provide remote data measurements using wireless Internet connectivity that is provided to the data loggers via an internal modem.  Depending on the application and target market, the data logger's modem will be one of the following:
  • Dual-band 900MHz/1800MHz GSM/GPRS
  • Single-band 1900MHz GSM/GPRS
  • HSDPA (Next G®)
This modem also supports the alternative connection options of CSD (Circuit Switched Data) and SMS (Short Message Service).  These options require the appropriate service to be enabled by the wireless service provider.
SDI-12 Data Loggers
Memory: 8MB flash storage of 1,084,576 time/date stamped data points.  Circular buffer mode (overwrites oldest data when memory is full).
Resolution: 16-Bit
Processor: 100MHz microcontroller, 16MB flash memory (program and data storage)
Data Channels: 4-Analog In (0-5V, 4-20mA), 1-Analog Out (0-5V or 4-20mA), 4-Digital I/O (12Vdc 300mA Max), SDI-12
SDI-12 Interface: The integral SDI-12 interface fully complies with the SDI-12 electrical standard.  The firmware support level is to SDI-12 V1.2.
Clock: Real time clock and calendar w/battery backup.
Power Supply: Internal and/or external 12V dc rechargeable sealed lead-acid battery.  Charger Source - External 15-30V dc supply.  Supports a directly connected solar panel (no regulator).  NOTE: External battery is required if analog sensors are connected to data logger
Current Draw: Less than 3mA@12V in standby mode.  Actual current draw depends on power management mode and wireless modem state.
Display: 4 lines x 12 characters LCD
Operating Temperature: 14 to 158°F (-10 to 70°C)
Storage Temperature: 14 to 185°F (-10 to 85°C)
Enclosure: Die-cast aluminum w/hard grey paint.  Neoprene gasket seal gives an IP65 rating.
Size: 6.29x5.11x2.75 inch (160x130x70mm) (WxHxD)
Weight: 2.86 lbs (1.3 kg)

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