• Comfortable handling, stylish design, and reliable function
  • Gel filled with plastic body
  • Basic series for general applications
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Gel filled pH electrodes are a very important part of your pH measurement system as they come in direct contact with your sample and deliver the measurement signal.  For more than 70 years SI Analytics has focused on creating the best gel filled pH electrodes along with several other types of pH electrodes.  SI Analytics' gel filled electrodes have been used for the most demanding tasks in labs throughout the world where quality really matters, and our customers benefit from their know-how. The compact BlueLine gel filled pH electrode range is a basic series comprising electrodes for typical laboratory applications.  An accurate and fast pH measurement is ensured by precision manufacturing and employment of high quality material, e.g. low-resistance A-type membrane glass.  The gel filled pH electrodes are available with different connections (e.g. plug head or fixed cable with either DIN or BNC type plug) and with different cable lengths and optionally with built-in temperature sensors (NTC 30 kΩ or Pt 1000).  With a comfortable handling, stylish design, and reliable function the gel filled pH electrodes are great for your laboratory measurements.  Each gel filled pH electrode comes with its own individual serial number for easy tracking.
pH Range: 0 to 14
Temperature Range: 23 to +176°F (-5 to +80°C)
Shaft: Noryl, 12 mm Ø
Shaft Length (not including plug head): 4.7 in (120 mm)
Zero Point: pH = 7.0 ±0.3
Diaphragm: Fibre
Reference System: Ag/AgCl
Reference Electrolyte: Gel(KCl), low maintenance, not refillable
Shape of Glass Membrane: Cylindrical
Resistance of Glass Membrane (77°F (25°C)): 400 MΩ
Type of Membrane Glass: A

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