• Reliable and easy to maintain
  • All ball bearing gear motor for smooth operation
  • High quality wet end materials
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The popular C-1500N Diaphragm Pumps series chemical metering pumps are well suited to a variety of water, wastewater and industrial chemical treatment applications.  Built to last, the Diaphragm metering pumps feature an all ball bearing motor for smooth, reliable operation, high quality wet end materials and a weather resistant housing. The C-1500N Diaphragm Pumps also feature an exclusive heavy-duty head, with bullet cartridge valves constructed of chemical resistant PVDF.  Each of the diaphragm pump's valve assemblies has two ceramic check balls, which provides a double seal for faster priming and less chance of air locking due to off gas buildup. Each C-1500N Diaphragm Pump ships with a foot valve and strainer, suction tube weight, suction tubing, discharge tubing, injection valve with check valve and mounting hardware.  The most popular maintenance and replacement items are listed in the diaphragm pump prices and options section below. IMPORTANT NOTE: Always check for chemical compatibility with the wet end materials before ordering a diaphragm chemical metering pump.
Diaphragm Pumps General Specifications
Max. working pressure: 125 psig (8.6 bar)
Max.fluid temperature: 130 F (54 C)
Max. ambient temperature: 14 to 110 F (-10 to 43 C)
Maximum viscosity: 1,000 Centipoise
Maximum suction lift: 10 feet
Output adjustment range: 5-100% stroke length
Duty cycle: Continuous
Enclosure: NEMA type 3R, (IP23)
Dimensions: 4-1/2x9-1/16x5-3/4 inch (11.4x23x14.6 cm)
Approximate shipping wt: 8 lb. (3.6 kg) Diaphragm Pumps Materials of Construction
Pump Head: Polypropylene
Pump Head Inlet/outlet Valves
     Cartridge valve body: PVDF
     Tube adapters: PVDF
     Check Balls: Ceramic
     Ball Seat O-ring: TFE/P
     Static Seal O-ring: Viton
Suction Tubing: 5' of clear PVC tubing
Flow indicator: Clear PVC body, glass ball
Discharge Tubing: 5' of Natural Polyethylene (LLDPE)
Suction Foot valve/Strainer
     Body & Tubing adapter: PVDF (optional Teflon)
     Strainer: Polypropylene
     Check Ball: Ceramic
     Ball Seat O-ring: TFE/P
     Static Seal O-ring: Viton
Injection/Check valve
     Body & insert: Polypropylene
     Check Ball: Ceramic
     Spring: Hastelloy C-276
     Ball Seat O-ring: TFE/P
     Static Seal O-ring: Viton

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