• High capacity chemical metering to 833 GPD (131.4 LPH)
  • Output pressures to 175 PSI
  • Precise digital control system with LCD display
  • Built-in Diaphragm Failure Detection System (DFD)
  • Rugged and reliable design
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Product Description
The CHEM-PRO C3 Chemical Metering Pumps are designed for accurate and reliable, high capacity chemical metering.  The C3 Chemical Metering Pumps are well suited for use in many applications, including water and wastewater treatment, agricultural, plating and metal finishing; and larger HVAC systems.  The C3 Chemical Metering Pumps feature precise digital control and a user friendly digital touch pad with a large backlit LCD display. Built to be rugged and reliable, the C3 Chemical Metering Pumps have oversized PVDF double ball valves, a priming/degassing valve built into the PVDF pump head and a weather resistant housing made of durable, powder coated aluminum.  Another great feature is the built-in Diaphragm Failure Detection system (DFD), which senses chemical leakage in the chemical metering pump head and shuts off the pump before you have a troublesome chemical spill.  The DFD system also triggers a relay that may be connected to an external alarm or autodialer.  The C3 Chemical Metering Pumps also accept the Flow Verification System (FVS).  The optional FVS Micro-Flow device will shut down the chemical metering pump and trigger an alarm if the flow of chemical stops because of an empty tank, clogged valve or anything that might prevent the flow of liquid through the pump system. Each CHEM-PRO C3 Chemical Metering Pump ships complete with a priming valve/pressure relief valve (located on pump head), pump head adapters, foot valve/strainer with 1/2 inch ceramic ball and 1/2 inch barbed adapter, injection/check valve fitting with 1/2 inch ceramic ball and one 1/2 inch barbed adapter, 10 feet of 1/2 inch clear PVC suction tubing, and mounting brackets with screws. IMPORTANT NOTE:  Always check for chemical compatibility with the wet end materials before ordering a chemical metering pumps.
Digital Chemical Metering Pumps General Specifications
Max. working pressure: 175 psig (12.1 bar)
Max. fluid temperature: 130° F (54° C)
Max. ambient temperature: 14 to 115° F (-10 to 46.1° C)
Output adjustment range: 5-100% in 1% increments
Duty cycle: Continuous
Maximum viscosity: 1,000 Centipoise
Maximum suction lift: 15 ft. Water, 0 psig (4.5 m, 0 bar)
Enclosure: NEMA 4X, (IP66)
Approximate shipping wt: 29 lb (13 lbs)
Dimensions: 13-18 x 9 x 8 inch (32.3x22.8x20.3 cm) Digital Chemical Metering Pumps Materials of Construction
Enclosure: 413 Aluminum (powder coated)
Pump Head Cover: 413 Aluminum (powder coated)
Cover Screws: 300 Stainless Steel
DFD System Sensor pins: Hastelloy C-276
Power Cord: 3 conductor, SJTW-A Water-resistant
Mounting Brackets: Stainless Steel
Diaphragm: Teflon (Teflon coated Hypalon )
Pump Head & adapters: PVDF (natural)
Injection / Check valve
     Body & insert: PVDF (natural)
     Check Ball: Ceramic
     Spring: Hastelloy C-276
     Elastomers (O-ring): Viton
Footvalve / Strainer: PVDF / Polypropylene (natural)
Suction Tubing: PVC (clear)
2 Year Warranty

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