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Product Description
Global Water's groundwater pumps provide an easy-to-use, high-quality, economical solution for purging, ground water testing, and well development to a depth of 60ft (18m).  The submersible ground water pump's 1 5/8 inches (40mm) diameter minimizes well hang ups and is ideal for use in 2 inches or larger monitoring wells.  Each groundwater pump is self priming when fully submersed and can be connected directly to a DC power source to begin pumping.  All ground water pumps are tough and powerful with plastic construction and a stainless steel impeller.  The groundwater pumps can pump up to 3 US gallons (11.4 ltrs) per minute.  These ground water pumps have been used and trusted within the groundwater industry for more than 15 years and are recommended by drillers, hydrologists and field technicians around the world. The Submersible Groundwater Pumps have an inlet strainer and any sand, rocks or debris that pass through the groundwater pump's inlet strainer will pass through the pump without clogging it.  The groundwater pump's life expectancy is approximately 400 hours, lab tests have shown that the submersible groundwater pumps can last up to 750 hours.  The submersible ground water pumps can achieve low flow sampling by restricting the outlet flow from the end of the sampling tube with a valve (or even by clamping the hose).  Restricting the submersible groundwater pump's outlet flow will increase the effective head the groundwater pump has to deliver thus reducing output flow.  Being a centrifugal submersible groundwater pump this action will also reduce the current thus making the groundwater pump use less energy increasing battery life.
Description Product Code: Premium High Flow*
Model#: GP1352 GP1354 GP1652
Voltage: 12V DC 24V DC 12V DC
Recommended Fuse Size: 5 amp automotive 3 amp automotive 8 amp automotive
Hose Connections: To suit 10mm or 13mm ( 3/8” or ½”) Bore Flexible Hose
Materials Pump Body: ABS, Seals: Nitrile, Strainer: Polypropylene, Impeller: Stainless Steel/PBT, Cable: PVC PC ABS Copolymer + PBT, stainless steel, Nitrile
Weight 0.3lbs (0.15kg)
*Polarity sensitive
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  • Used and trusted within the groundwater industry for more than 15 years
  • Recommended by drillers, hydrologists and field technicians
  • Practical for dedicated use and disposal
  • Reduces labor costs and saves time
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