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Model # Instrument Price
GL500-7-2 Multichannel Data Logger $723
GL500-2-1 Datalogger $360
iRIS 150 GPRS Datalogger $824
iRIS 350 SDI 12 GPRS Datalogger $2,758
iRIS-Cam Wastewater Security Camera $779
WQL-pH pH Datalogger $Call
WQL-Cond Conductivity Datalogger $Call
PL200-G Garden Hose Water Pressure Datalogger $480
PL200-H Hydrant Water Pressure Loggers $539
RM100 Radio Telemetry System Varies
SIT65 Satellite Internet Telemetry System $2,194
PS DC Power Supplies Varies
4015 SDI-12 to Analog Converter $504
4046 Analog to SDI-12 Converter $504
CR500 Circular Chart Recorder $Varies
MRC5000 Circular Chart Recorder w/display Varies
AD200 Voice Alarm Autodialers $261
CVD-2000 Cellular Autodialers $1,714
EZ100 EZ Display $426

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