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Model # Instrument Price
FP111 Flow Probe (3.7 to 6 ft handle) $874
FP211 Flow Probe (5.5 to 15 ft handle) $938
FP311 Flow Probe (2.5 to 5.5 ft handle) $938
FL16 Water Flow Logger $1,085
FC220 Open Channel Flow Monitor $1,081
FSS Flow Sampling System $Varies
WMP101 Plastic Magnetic Flow Meters $Varies
WMX101 Magnetic Flow Meters Varies
EX80 Fixed Depth Insertion Magmeter Varies
EX100 Adjustable Depth Insertion Magmeter Varies
TX80 Fixed Depth Insertion Turbine Flow Meter Varies
TX100 Adjustable Depth Insertion Turbine Flow Meter Varies
SPX Chemical resistant low flow meter for small diameter pipes $311
FM500 Ultrasonic Flow Meters $3,230
Micro-Flo Low Flow Paddlewheel Flowmeters $314
F1000 Paddlewheel Flow Meters Varies
F400 Variable Area Flowmeters Varies
F450 Variable Area Inline Flowmeters Varies
F460 Inline Flow Meters Varies
F550 Panel Mount Flowmeters Varies
RF Ramp Flume Varies
FLUME Flumes: Parshall, Palmer-Bowles, "H" Varies

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