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Model # Instrument Price
WL16 Water Level Logger $964
DCX-22 Self Contained Water Level Datalogger $1,060
WL400 Water Level Sensor $607
WL450 Water Level Transmitters $669
WL430 Wastewater Level Sensor $1,149
WL705 Ultrasonic Water Level Sensor $688
WL750 Ultrasonic Level Transmitters $943
WL900 Radar Level Transmitters $Varies
WL500 Well Level Sounder varies
WL550 Oil Water Interface Meter varies
WL650 Sonic Well Level Sounder $1,259
WA600 Water Alarm Sensor $223
WA100 Liquid Level Float Switch $136
WA170 Mechanical Float Switch $42
WA150 Tilt Float Switch $65
LevCon Liquid Level Controller $752
PC320 Process Controller $Varies
WL200 Conductivity Level Controller $462
WA400 High Water Alarm $Varies
PL200-G Garden Hose Water Pressure Datalogger $480
PL200-H Hydrant Water Pressure Loggers $539
PG100 Liquid Filled Pressure Gauges $34
PG150 Water System Pressure Test Gauge $21
PG200 Process Gauges $111
PG300 Digital Pressure Gauges $227


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